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Sunday, June 14, 2009

As of now Twitter is linked to
  • This blog (see left)
  • My other blog
  • Facebook
And I tweet through Firefox.
Now the only online haunts not Twitterfied will be MSN and GChat.... for now.

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1:57 am


I Wish I Could Go Back To College
Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm supposed to close this blog soon.. but I'm not till I update all my Grad Trip articles. Uhm.. really I still am.

Avenue Q was great. This song struck me the most:

I wish I could go back to college
Life was so simple back then

What would I give
To go back and live
In a dorm with a meal plan again

I wish I could go back to college
In college you know
Who you are
You sit in the quad
And think oh my god
I am totally gonna go far

How do I go back to college
I don't know who I am anymore

I wanna go back
To my room
And find a message
In dry-erase pen on the door

I wish I could just drop a class
Or get into a play
Or change my major
Or fuck my T.A
I need an academic adivisor
To point the way

We could be
Sitting in the computer lab
Four a.m before the final
Paper is due
Cursing the world
That I didn't start sooner
And seeing the rest of the class there too

I wish I could go back to college

How do I go back to college?


I wish I had taken more pictures.

But If I were to go back to college
Think what a loser I'd be-
I'd walk through the quad
And think
Oh my god
These kids are so much younger than me

Hear the only 30s of the song I could find on imeem...
I Wish I Could Go Back to College - Original Broadway Cast

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12:27 am


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I was just randomly talking to one of the MafBrothers, who randomly commented amidst the conversation..
"u can use tt entire sum of cash u have put into 20yrs fixed D of 4% returns u still earn"
knowing very well the profession I'm in.

I almost fainted.

Please all my dear friends, save yourself the injustice of locking your money in 4% FIXED DEPOSITS (If you ever come to make this decision)

Come to me, I will offer you something so much better.

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1:02 am


I own land in Georgia!!
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

After 2 months of working my ass off here.. I'm finally splurging on my own investment!

This is significant/historic/worth blogging in ways because
  1. I wrote my very first cheque!
  2. This is my very first investment!
  3. This is the best project the company has ever come up with and I'm part of it!
I'm very poor now (contrary to what I always tell my clients to always reserve comfortable funds for liquidity purposes) haha.

But I know I'll be expected a windfall in 2 years time!


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2:00 am


Intra-Block and Inter-Blog
Friday, August 01, 2008

Went back for Intra-Block just now and introduced myself as the 'New Block D RF'. Haha.. Assoc Prof Clement Chio. Teaching SOC.

The whole block was playing along with me. To think there was this guy that was waving his hands wildly when I asked "Who here is from SOC? Looks like I'll be seeing you quite often then."


Well.. It was more to soak back in the block fun again.. But dunno if it made me miss hall more. Seeing everyone do the superman cheer while I can't join in because I'm just out of the group makes me soooo envious.

I know I have to move on.. but well.. sometimes I really wish I could stay in hall even when working.

Talking about work. Yes I've officially started work. And because of this I'm jumping ship to another totally anonymous blog soon. This blog will soon be closed.. but not until I do proper posts for Berlin and Salzburg. =)

MSN me if you want to know my new blog address. Don't worry, most likely I'll tell you.
But if you happen to be my boss, colleagues, client, girl I'm trying to chase, enemy, love rival, relatives older than my generation.. forget it. I won't reveal anything other than http:// and .com

Haha. Ok then.. See you there!

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3:58 am


Doors Shut
Saturday, July 26, 2008

All these weeks I've been living on hope.. even if it hung by the thread. Hope is really worth living for.. to know that something may possibly turn out right at the end of the long arduous wait.

All these weeks there has always been at least a door open. May a door close on me but there's another door left ajar.. though it many not be embracing wide open.

Just yesterday when the door that could possibly lead to the brightest path through my career closed on me, I found myself trapped. Suffocated. All the doors now are shut.. there is none open at this present moment.. except for this little backdoor which I'm highly reluctant to crawl through.

It's such a confidence deflator. It's so demoralizing that I can cry.

And the prospect of doing sales all my life irks me. To force out small talk with people with the ultimate aim of making them potential clients.. to 'go the extra mile' in service standards enslaving myself to clients.. to dive into social events full of strangers in order to solicit contacts.. to live by the mantra of 'The day you stop prospecting is the day you are considered unemployed" isn't exactly my idea of a fulfilling career.. no matter what the income may be like.

But then, it's not like I got any better choice right?

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9:21 am


Telephone Fiasco
Friday, July 25, 2008

Just spent the last 2 hours or so filling up my posts on Santorini and Athens.. together with photos.. so now it's left with Berlin.. Salzburg.. and including photos in all my previous posts and my Europe Grad Trip Travelogue is done. Well.. at least there's something for me to read and refer to many many years to come.

Boy I really miss Europe. Greece especially. How I wish I can go there again.. after securing myself a job.. that is..

So today was another fiasco to grab myself an interview. Again (related to the stupid interviewer that bangsehed me) here are the sequence of events that followed.

22nd July, Wednesday.. I was on course at night when I received a call at around 8pm. Didn't answer because well, I was on course.. and at this time only irritating insurance agents call to disturb me.

Turns out that this cute girl from XXX company left a voice message asking me to call her back.

23rd July, Thursday.. Woke up earlier at 9am to call cute girl. She wasn't at her office yet

Called again at 10.30am..
"Hey Clement! This is a bad time to call me. I'm very busy right now. Tell you what, I'll give you a call after lunch ok?"
Well.. she only called at 4pm! Which was exactly the time I was figuring out what the hell happened to the people from *** company. I missed the call.. but called back to reschedule the call to 5pm.

I decided to take the initiative to call back at 5pm. She was on the line.

6pm.. No answer.

This morning.. 10am.. No answer

11am.. Was told that she's not answering because she's busy on 'the other line'.

And subsequently I called every hour until 3pm.. after which I called every half an hour. Nope, it's either she's not picking up my calls or she 'on the other line'.

Managed to get her email from her colleagues.. who by now should have known there's this persistant guy trying to contact her.

Now I hope she replies my email.

Tomorrow is revelation day. Chances are bleak since 2 weeks have passed with no news at all.
Still, I'm crossing my fingers.

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2:58 am




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